Craig Pitts

Global IS Security and Architecture, Mondel─ôz International

Craig Pitts is an 18 year career IT Identity, User Environment and Security consultant with a focus on small, medium and large M&A and efficiency programs. Additional to this, he has been a Director and Executive Member for a 3000 home resort management company for 5 years.

Working at Mondel─ôz International as the Global Information Security Solutions Architect Lead, he is responsible for ensuring the global business is able to be agile with critical information whilst ensuring data is safely protected and the multitude of cross-border laws and legislations are adhered to.

Current key focus areas are:

  • Effective CxO level communication strategies
  • Critical and confidential data in a mobile and unmanaged device environments
  • SaaS, PaaS and other cloud holders of critical data meeting Security and Compliance targets

Recently, he has presented at the Information Security Forum Annual World Congress on effective Board Level presentations and participated in numerous CxO level round tables to help keep Mondelez and himself at the top of the Identity, Security and Privacy fields.