Paul Blowers

Chief Information Security Officer, New Zealand Police Force

I am an experienced executive manager and strategist with expert knowledge of Data and Information Governance. Developing associated security (including Cyber), compliance and assurance related strategies are key themes.

I have extensive experience in the industry and cyber environment and formally qualified as a security management professional with a comprehensive business-centric IT security architecture and engineering background. My business knowledge has largely focused on organisations dealing with Law Enforcement, Border Security, Defence, Intelligence and critical infrastructure related matters in both the private and public service sectors.

I have a first class record of achievement and considered an innovative thinker who advocates the use of the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) approach to deliver business facing solutions that balance governance, risk, compliance and assurance with business continuity, reliability and value.

I have extensive knowledge of a wide range of data and international information, security and risk standard. My current areas of research include progressing mobility as a business enabler (where supported the secure implementation of the single largest deployment of law enforcement mobile devices worldwide), identity management, business intelligence, digital evidence, content management and information loss protection associated with the threat of systemic insider behaviors.

Internationally respected, I have been invited to speak at many security-related conferences both as a presenter and expert panelist in Washington DC (Protect Conference), Melbourne (Connect 2014), Dublin (COSAC) and New Zealand.