Philip Hall

Cyber Security Awareness and Intel Lead, AMP

Phil leads cyber security awareness and intelligence for AMP. In his role he brings to life real cyber threats through various immersive simulations, large scale awareness talks and presentations, as well as targeted awareness for all levels of AMP staff. He is very passionate about all things ‘cyber’, and spends his time performing reconnaissance for AMP threat communities, and presenting to all levels of staff.

Phil is often called upon to provide expert cyber security awareness, advice and insights to a variety of audiences – from the board and C level, to business and IT teams across the organisation, as well as small business owners.

Phil has trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), and regularly presents on cyber, social engineering, and other common cyber attacker and hacker techniques.

Phil has also been involved in a number of key security & infrastructure projects at AMP. He was the lead security architect for AMP’s journey into the cloud, and has held a number of technical and management roles at AMP since moving to Sydney in 2000.

Prior to working at AMP, Phil worked for KPMG in London, as well as a bespoke global money broking firm.