Scott Ainslie

Regional Director, FS-ISAC

Executive manager, capable of both directing and facilitating a wide platform of business requirements across diverse and complex environments.
Outstanding business development record across multiple business and government sectors in an Australian, Asian and global context.
Broad knowledge across multiple industry sectors of regulatory compliance and key control requirements associated with technical and information security risk management.
Highly developed facilitation skills specific to the management of information security and operational risk across multiple and complex reporting requirements.
Broad exposure to enterprise operations and clients in North America, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.
Strong experience and exposure in Defence, Government and resource sectors.

• Strong knowledge of security risk management techniques that apply across all security domains
• Excellent presentation and oral delivery skills
• Utilises effective writing techniques in a variety of formats from formal briefs to open source discussion papers
• Extensive knowledge of IT technology and excellent experience across a variety of different software applications operating in an
enterprise environment
• Strong leadership skills